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Alert Management | Mass Notification | Paging & Intercom
Utilizing VoIP and networking technology communication systems provide solutions for complete school intercom, safety, and public address within your facility, throughout the district, and to the world outside, keeping your facility informed, in communication, safe, and focused on learning. Features include: multiple Real time communication options to every corner of your campus when you need it most; addressing the multiple communication needs of schools including 911 notification, facility-wide announcements, emergency tones, one-touch routine and emergency call-ins; handsfree intercom communication from anywhere within the classroom, one-touch call-in notification, and private telephone communication options.


Rauland-Bord (Amatek)

Intelligent Room Control
One touch is all you need to create a presentation space that makes a lasting impression. Automated AV equipment, lighting, and shades result in an effortlessly integrated solution. Avoid costly meeting delays and confusion with a unified system that lets users reserve rooms on location or online- including integration with your existing scheduling platform.



Interactive Displays
Harness the power of interactive panels or large format display options to create presentations that convey impact, create dialog, and teach by design.  Communicate your brand with video wall displays; leverage captivating presentation equipment for large venues.  Feel confident communicating your message with leading-edge display technology. ** Using electronic pens with no ink, teachers can write class notes on a simulated whiteboard surface.  There is no limit to the number of pages and any page can be accessed instantly at any time for review.  All notes can be saved for re-use or printed as hand-outs.  By projecting the teacher’s PC image onto the same surface, the board now becomes a large touchscreen display.  The teacher’s finger becomes the mouse and the pens can be used to annotate over the top of any projected image.  At the touch of a button, the screen displays content from a DVD or an internet site.  Stereo speakers deliver the associated audio.  At any time the teacher can instantly open lesson content that comes with the whiteboard or has been created and saved previously by the teacher.  This content, which is sorted and listed by subject and media type, includes backgrounds, clip art, flash videos, interactive step-by-step exercises, sound files, and more.  At any time, the teacher can bring in content from the cable TV signal distributed throughout the building, the image from a document camera, or the image from a live video camera.


ClearTouch Interactive

Life Safety Systems
Taking action now can save lives, prevent injury, and minimize property damage in moments of crisis. If you do not have a crisis plan in place, it is time to develop one. Delivering clear, comprehensive real-time emergency alerts through existing IP infrastructure, with the resiliency necessary for moments of crisis. Live announcements, emergency tones, and pre-recorded instructional messages help direct occupants and first responders towards safety. Sequences can be triggered by a series of devices, for an immediate, customized response.


Rauland-Borg (Amatek)

Professional Audio/Video & Control Systems
Certified acoustic engineers will design a complete audio or multimedia solution tailored to your needs. Integrating communications and media management systems into your current technology environment delivers a highly engaging and dynamic experience. State of the art controls eliminates complexity while propelling rich sound and images forward.





Sound Masking
May it be regulatory compliance or reducing distractions in collaborative spaces, offices or call centers; sound masking solutions improve overall comfort and productivity in educational or corporate settings. The white noise producing technology is a completely scalable and affordable alternative to costly construction.



Time Synchronization

When keeping any large facility moving at the same pace is necessary for success, a synchronized clock system is the answer. There are scalable delivery options suitable for any vertical and can be integrated with multiple communications systems. A synchronized clock system is the ultimate solution to improve efficiency and timeliness.



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